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About Us

About Us:
We are often asked “What does CRI stand for?” One of the best responses to that question is “…Cowboys, Renegades and Indians…” however that does not come close to depicting the culture we are working to develop and maintain at CRI Feeders of Guymon, LLC. Today, CRI stands for Care of our customer’s cattle, Respect for our customers and our employees and a staff with Integrity.

Essentially, we want to provide a level of service along with the processes and procedures that position CRI Feeders as the stewards of choice for your cattle. Stewardship is a very fitting word for what we are working to provide – an extension of the programs you have developed for your operation.

Below is a brief outline of each of our program areas:

Animal Health Program
At CRI, our goal is simply to provide the best possible environment for your livestock. By environment we mean – the best physical conditions combined with targeted vaccination programs and supportive therapy to optimize performance. Our staff and consulting Veterinarians strive to cost effectively support your investment.  Enabling us to merchandize, for you, a wholesome product with the most profit potential possible.  Animal health is organized into four teams (Pen riders, Hospital, Processing and Pasture) to provide your livestock with highly specialized service in each aspect of our program. CRI is dedicated to working with organizations like TCFA and their Beef Safety and Quality Assurance Program in a continuing effort to a safe, wholesome product for the consumer..

Feeding Program
Our nutritional program is focused on optimizing gain, feed conversion and supporting the health of your cattle. This is accomplished using high quality ingredients including flaked corn, alfalfa and corn silage. These commodities are utilized in diets that are supplemented with the latest researched based fortification of vitamins and minerals. CRI utilizes a computer based program to insure the proper amount and type of feed are fed to each pen, each feeding of every day. Just like room service, your cattle have every meal delivered hot to their pen three times a day. Personnel responsible for each facet of the feeding program are trained and mentored by our PhD nutritionist to insure the best management practices are implemented to support cattle performance. 

We truly pride ourselves in how our facility is maintained. The bulk of this facility has designed slopes to facilitate providing the best possible conditions for your cattle even in the poorest of weather conditions. We strive to keep our pen surfaces in good shape by continuously cleaning and removing manure. When adverse weather occurs we have enough ready equipment to quickly create a clean/dry area for the cattle in every pen. All pens have at least two water tanks that are also maintained on a continuous basis. Our maintenance staff works hard everyday to make sure our equipment and facilities are ready so that your cattle are tended to in a timely fashion and kept as comfortable as possible.

Accounting – Office Processes
As in the other areas of our operation we strive to have great people working to provide the services you desire and our office staff is the same way. Our goal is to provide the information you want, when you want it and to do it correctly. We have systems in place to collect daily inputs essentially as they happen from both our Animal Health and Feeding Departments so your account will be as up to date as possible anytime that you might inquire. We are also continually refining our processes for managing the information to insure the accuracy that you expect. We manage a very competitive financing program for both cattle and feeding inputs and can also assist with any risk management needs that you may want to employ.

Our Ownership:
CRI Feeders reorganized in August, 2004 and began operating as an LLC.  At that time, CRI joined forces with Midwest Feeders, Inc. of Ingalls, Kansas. Midwest Feeders is considered one of the premier feeding facilities on the High Plains. This is a challenging industry and the alliance with a respected organization like Midwest enables leveraging our collective strengths to enhance the future as well as the services of both organizations.

If you have any questions or would like additional information on the programs or services offered by CRI please contact us:
• General Manager: Doug Schmidt •
• Operations: Scott Anderson •
• Controller: Michelle Averhoff •
• Office Manager: Kristy Frazier •