CRI Feeders of Guymon, LLC




  • Cattle Financing – We would be happy to visit with you about financing your cattle.  This can be done on a set that you have purchased and send directly to our facility or if you need to free up a portion of you operating line and refinance a set you already have in you inventory.  Our equity requirements and interest rate are very attractive.  Please contact us if you are interested and we can visit about the details.                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Feed financing – many cattle feeders take advantage of our low interest rates and finance the feed and related charges while their cattle are on feed.  This is easy for us to do and we simply hold these charges out of the cattle proceeds when the cattle sell.

  • Risk Management – while your cattle are on feed with us if you would like to place hedges to protect your investment we can assist with that through our brokers.

  • Marketing – The weekly cash market is still the most common method of trading fat cattle across the industry.  However, if you would like to explore a quality grid we maintain access to lease shares of US Premium Beef.  We also have contacts with other grids and/or forward contracts if those options fit your needs better.